Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:How much for the Ultimate Cycle Lift?

A: Retail for the Ultimate Cycle Lift is $1,650.00


Q: Where is the Ultimate Cycle Lifts made?

A: Ultimate Cycle Lifts is Designed, Engineered, Manufactured and Assembled right here in the USA!  The 8 ton air hydraulic long ram jack is not made in the USA.  We buy from a USA based company but the jacks are not made in the USA. 


Q:  What does your Lift offer? 

A: We offer the ability to lift your bike effortlessly and faster than you can imagine.  You can store your bike over your vehicle, detail it, clean your rims and those hard to get places or change your oil and all at eye level and without back pain. Also, this lift gives you the ability to perform heavy maintenance all while allowing you to work at 7 different levels of height. 


Q: What is the warranty on the Ultimate Cycle Lifts? 

A:  5 year warranty on the Lifts metal.  One-year warranty for the air hydraulic jack and all other parts.  For more information on the warranty, please see terms and conditions.


Q: What model bikes other than Harley Davidson can the Lift pick up?

A: If the frame is the lowest part of the bike and is not lower than 4 inches, our lift can pick up your bike.  We have an adapter available for those models that have faring's or other obstructions that hang below the frame.  i.e. the Harley Davidson Softail bike which has horizontal shocks.  The adapter does not make the Lift able to pick up a bike lower than 4 inches, it only allows you to set either the front, back or if you have two adapters, both sides of the frame above the lifting fork arms where the obstruction hangs below the frame.  


Q: How much clearance does your Lift need to get under a bike to pick it up?

A: The lift only needs 4 inches to get under the frame of your bike however, the frame has to be the lowest part of the bike for the Lift to be able to pick it up correctly.  Some of our customers stand their bikes up off of the kickstand if the frame is lower than 4 inches and then the Lift can slide under and pick up their bike.  If you decide to do this we recommend having one person holding the bike, while the other rolls the lift under. 


Q: What ceiling height is necessary to take the Lift to its full height of 4 feet 2 inches?

A: For full extention of UCL's 4ft 2in ability, a 9 foot ceiling is ideal because some bikes might have 14in or 16in ape hangers.  That way it can go over a regular SUV.  If you are putting your bike over a standard car hood, usually an 8 foot ceiling is sufficient, in that case it will go up to the second from the last ratcheting notch.


Q: How much space does the Lift take up when you park a vehicle under the bike?

A: Because of the uniquely patented way the Lift picks up a bike and depending on how high or low your front bumper is.  The most space the Lift takes up is 20 inches.


Q: When the Lift is folded up for storage, how much floor space does it takes up?

A: The Lift has a footprint of 32 inches wide by 32 in depth. 


Q:  What is your freight policy for business to business delivery?

A:  We have lift gate deliveries for business to business or we can also ship the Lift to the terminal of the freight company we use.  This process would allow you to pick the Lift up there on your time schedule and save the extra cost for a residential liftgate delivery.  Please contact us for information about shipping to your area.


Q:  What is your freight policy for residential delivery? 

A:  Same as business to business, except you will be charged an extra fee for a residential location.  Please contact us for information about shipping to your area. 


Q: How does the Lift come shipped to me?

A: Shipped with minimum assemble required and all shipments delivered to your door via truck with a liftgate.  Just cut the industrial strength shrink wrap and unscrew from skid, cut zip ties securing the jack handle, and legs. Also, take the cotter pins out from the female legs to free the male legs, and place aside, then roll the lift off the skid.   Insert the 4 clevis pins with the hairpin cotter to secure the legs.  Next lower the center lifting arm forks and insert the 8 1/2 inch bolt with the two washer on either side of the lifting fork backbone, then hand tighten the nut.  You are now ready to lift your bike.  Enjoy!


Q:  Who inspects the Lifts before it ships to me?

A:  The Lift is assembled and all the welds are inspected by our AWS Certified Welder.  You will also receive with the Lift a checklist for what is inspected before shipping.  


Q: Is there testing of the Lift before it is shipped to me?

A: Yes, every Lift is tested with 1,500.00 lbs. of weight on the lifting forks before it is shipped.


Q: Do you have some form of a locking pin or safety locks for the hydraulics, to relieve stress or if the hydraulics fail.

A: Yes, we have our proprietary to Ultimate Cycle Lifts, Inc. (SRS feature) safety ratcheting system that has been precision laser cut with seven self-locking positions that will allow your bike to go up with peace of mind. 


Q: What are the measurements of the seven different safety locking positions on the Lift?

A: These measurements are from the ground to the bottom of the lifting forks holding up the bike.  The forks at the first locking position is 9 - 3/8 inches, second locking position is 1 foot 4 -1/2 inches, third locking position is 2 feet 1/4 inches, fourth locking position is 2 feet 8 inches, fifth locking position is 3 feet 3 - 1/4 inch, sixth locking position is 3 feet 9 - 1/2 inches and the seventh locking position is 4 feet 2 inches.


Q: How is the Lift finished from a painted standpoint?

A: All Lifts have a powder coated finish.  Powder coat is an epoxy based finish that is applied electostatically and then baked to cure the finish.  Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process that does not release any harsh chemicals into the water or air.  Powder coat is scratch-resistant and protects the material from corrosion.


Operate the Lift only after reading the these instructions:

To Lift: 

1. With Lift fully lowered, roll Lift under bike from opposite side of the bike kickstand and do not exceed maximum weight capacity of 1,500 lbs. 

2. Position forks under bike allowing good, equal support when engaged with frame member. If adapters are needed, position adapters around any frame obstructions, allowing equal/level support of frame and secure adapters.  Remember to have the hydraulic pressure release valve closed when lifting your bike.  Please click link for air hydraulic jack manual.    

3. Lift the bike up to the first ratchet locking postion, then before raising the motorcycle secure brakes on wheels and secure the bike to the Lift with tie down straps that hook to the tie down points on the lifting arm forks. Use the UCL supplied tie down straps that are included free with each Lift or buy only quality straps rated at a working capacity of 400 lbs. each. Continue to raise to desired height.  Secure brakes on wheels.




1. Always make sure that the ratcheting teeth have locked onto the round metal safety rod.  Make sure there is enough clearance under forks, wheels, kickstand, etc. for whatever you are storing under the lifted bike. 

2. As with any Lift or equipment of this type, do not allow children to play around the Lift. 

3. Do not operate this Lift under unstable conditions such as weak foundations, which will not support the entire weight of the Lift and bike. Avoid floors with obstructions such as wooden floors with planking knot holes, or any flooring which is not level.  It should be a hard surface and completely smooth. 

4. Do not use Lift on wet or greasy surface or on any surface that could cause an obstruction to the wheels or the Lift that causes them to be unstable. 

5. Do not use Lift on any type of flooring which could be considered unstable for any reason.



1.  Keep fingers away from pinch points when raising and lowering Lift.  

2.  Be certain your bikes front wheel is turned toward the kickstand side of the bike and the kickstand is in the down position.  

3.  To release the locking rod from the ratcheting teeth, make sure the hydraulic pump is supporting the weight of the bike on the lift.  

4.  Then push down on the release ball on top of the Lift, while holding down the red ball grab the jack handle and turn the pressure release valve on jack counter clockwise to release the pressure, make sure you release the pressure slowly.  

5.  Prior to reaching the ground at its lowest possible position, remove the tie down straps.  

6.  Continue to lower Lift until the bike tips to kickstand side, make sure your front wheel is turned towards the side your bike will lean before it reaches the ground.  

7.  Then when the forks are free from the bottom of the bike, continue to lower the Lift to the lowest position and remove Lift from under the bike. 



When rising to full height, make sure there is ample clearance to ceiling.  The maximum height of the lifting forks are 4 feet 2 inches.  Measure the bike from bottom of forks to highest point of your bike. 

Example: A bike that measures 3 feet 8 inches is then added to the seventh position 4 feet 2 inches of the Lift, so the ceiling height should be a minimum of 8 feet 4 inches to achieve maximum height.  However, if you have a vehicle smaller than an SUV for example, there is a lot less ceiling height needed.  When moving the Lift with a bike on it, always use the first safety locking position.  If servicing your bike requires removing any parts such as tires, swing arms, forks, etc. that can cause center weight to shift; always tie down to secure points, keeping remainder of bike secure.  The UCL-ML (Ultimate Cycle Lift-Motorcycle Lift) is meant to lift a motorcycle and is not to be used for any other purpose such as lifting the back of cars or farm equipment or having people on it as a hoist.  Any such indiscretions could result in injury or a catastrophic event.  Failure to follow the above information could result in injury or death.