Small Vehicle Lifts in Wellington, FL

All photography provided by Ultimate Cycle Lifts

Ultimate Cycle Lifts Inc., is a family owned and operated company. The lifts are proudly manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. and our company employs various eco-friendly techniques to utilize the excess metal produced while manufacturing our lifts.  Setting a new standard for small vehicle lifts in Wellington, FL, Ultimate Cycle Lifts was first conceived back in 2002 by Larry Meyer. Born out of the need to be able to work on his motorcycle at a more comfortable height, it turned into an added advantage of being able to park a vehicle under his bike. Ultimately adding more space to his garage by doing so. We established a unique patented product that will allow you to lift, detail and store your motorcycle.

Ultimate Cycle Lifts came about like so many other successful products, out of necessity! Ultimate Cycle Lifts was invented to enhance the ability to work on your motorcycle and create more space in your garage.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best and highest quality motorcycle and small vehicle lift on the market. The Ultimate Cycle Lift makes it possible to lift your motorcycle by yourself with minimal stress and effort. Using the lift is a one person job, and once under your bike, you simply press the button on your air hose, and the lift does the rest. This is truly groundbreaking and is an innovative design for the lift industry.